Karin Schlanger


Contact: karinschlanger@gmail.com

Karin Schlanger is the Director of the Brief Therapy Center in the MRI since 2008. Since then she has worked as a psychologist, supervisor, professor and jack-of-all trades.

Karin has studied Psychology in the Universidad of Buenos Aires and graduated in 1982. She visited the MRI in 1983, got to know and loved the work of John Weakland, Dick Fisch and Paul Wazlawick, and worked with them until the end of their days. In 1990, she opened the Centro Latino de Terapia Breve to do research on how this pure American model of Problem solving can be applied in other cultures. This project continues today, working with low income Spanish-speaking families, who are at the worse end of society’s inequality.

In 2012, she founded a NGO, Room to Talk, to offer psychological services to students, families and school staff at the school. She was the Executive Director.

She has been a professor in several local Universities — University of San Francisco, Stanford University, School of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, College of Notre Dame de Namur, and other Universities of Spain — Valencia International University, Universidad de Abat Oliva, Institut Systemic de Barcelona. She is a supervisor in the Hospital of San Pau, in Barcelona.

Karin is the author of a book that has been translated to 5 languages, and the author of many articles and chapters of lots of books throughout the years.

Also, in 2012, she has started the Grupo Palo Alto Internacional, which was officially launched in Mexico, January – 2016.

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Clara Haydee Solís Ponce

Clara Haydee Solís Ponce has a Psychology degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico, Zaragoza campus. She has worked with the Model of Brief Therapy - Problem Solving since 2010.

She has been a Clinical Psychology professor at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico, Zaragoza campus,  since 2007. She has coordinated a program of social service at the “Tamaulipas” University health clinic which offers free services of Clinical Psychology using the Problem Solving Model of Palo Alto, California. She also has some publications on this practice.

Her interests are teaching Brief Therapy on-site and online; and the academic exchanges with systemic therapists from different parts of the world.

Carmina Gillmore


Contact: gillmore.sunny@gmail.com

Carmina Gillmore Valenzuela is a Journalist, and she has a degree in Social and Information Sciences, from Universidad Gabriela Mistral. She completed graduate studies in Psychology in the Classroom, with a specialization in Educational Psychology, from the Universidad Católica de Chile. She has finished a graduate diploma in Counseling, Family, and Education, in the Universidad de Los Andes. Master in Family and Mediation, Universidad de Los Andes. She has visited the MRI (Mental Research Institute), and has done some intensive courses, Grupo Palo Alto, California, USA. She is an Integrative Coach (Certified Coach by Capsis Chile/ Grupo Palo Alto. Ca. U.S.A).

She is a professor and a Practice Supervisor at the Family and Mediation master’s program and also Head of the graduate program for Family Mediation at the Universidad de Los Andes.

She works in companies, giving training and workshops in effective communication, as well as relational strategic communication in medium and large scale projects of systemic intervention.

Speaker in many local and international Congresses, offering talks about communication and human relations. Director of Communications of Grupo Palo Alto Internacional.

She does prehearing and mandatory relationship mediations “Dialoguemos” Consulting firm.

She is a registered mediator by the Ministry of Justice in Chile.


Gloria Díaz

Gloria Díaz is a Psychologist and has a Master’s from the Universidad de Barcelona, 2005. Intermediate piano degree from the Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceo. Worked as a therapist with children, teenagers and families, helping schools of Barcelona for more than 7 years. Looking for efficiency in her profession she got to know the Brief Therapy and completed graduate studies in the Universidad de Girona.

In 2012, she moved to San Francisco to learn more about Brief Therapy and joined the team of the Brief Therapy Center in the Mental Research Institute. She works as counselor in Room To Talk in low income schools in the Bay Area, offering Brief Therapy to immigrant families.

Currently, she is an intern therapist in the MRI, she coordinates the Residency programs in the BTC, foreign professionals in Brief Therapy – Problem solving. She is a professor at several universities in Spain. She has participated in international congresses and given talks and workshops around Latin America. She is a member in the Grupo Palo Alto Internacional.  

Margarita Irazusta

 Contact: mirazusta@grupopaloaltopy.com

Clinical Psychologist, doing Brief Therapy – Problem Solving for more than 7 years. She works with teenagers, adults, couples, children, parents, and families. She has been working under the supervision of Karin Schlanger, Director of the Brief Therapy Center in the MRI, Palo Alto – California.

She visited the MRI (Mental Research Institute), in 2009, getting to know more about the model of Problem Solving.

Family therapist from the Servicio de Asistencia y Formación Sistémica (SAFsistémica).

She has given workshops, courses and talks, promoting the Brief Therapy – Problem Solving.

She is a professor at the Escuela Sistémica Paraguaya (ESPA), and an ESL teacher for 10 years now.

She is a member of the Grupo Palo Alto Internacional.

Carolina Bozzo Dumont

Psychologist from Universidad de Chile. Doctoral candidate for Advanced Management in International Business - Universitat de Lleida - España. Master in Innovation - U. Adolfo Ibáñez. MBA Executive, U. Diego Portales. Master in International Business Management, EOI Spain. Master Coach Trainer Certified by Grupo Palo Alto, USA.  Family Therapist - Instituto Terapia Familiar de Santiago. Authorized Clinical Supervisor -  CONAPC Chile. Trained at MRI (Mental Research Intitute Palo Alto CA, USA). Certified in Focusing – Oriented Psychotherapy, Focusing Institute New York. Organizational Consultant. Director in CAPSIS, and member of the Grupo Palo Alto Chile.

Pedro Vargas

Pedro Vargas has a degree in Psychology of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico and he is a professor of Philosophy and History of Science at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. He started his training in the Model of Brief Therapy of the MRI in 1991 and since 2009 has been in contact with the Brief Therapy Center.

He has been a professor at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México since 1988, in the Psychology Department, and he has been a Coordinator of that area since 2007. As a professor, he has been working on research on the History of Family Therapy. On the other hand, he has been working on the pedagogic aspects designing situations to teach Psychology using Information and Communication Technology, to train professional in different skills. He has participated in several national and international forums as a presenter in the Systemic Therapy field, and he has many publications related to Brief Therapy.


Raquel Maresma Bernal

Psychologist and family therapist. Coordinates Grupo Palo Alto Barcelona. Degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona in 2002. Master in Systemic Family Therapy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the School of Family Therapy at the Hospital de Sant Pau. Master's Degree in Social Cognitive Therapy from the University of Barcelona.
Continuous training in Brief Therapy of Problem Solving from the year 2011 to the present with Karin Schlanger. Assistant professor in Training Programs of the Brief Therapy Model for Problem Resolution in the Family Therapy School of the Hospital de Sant Pau and the International University of Valencia (VIU). Coordinator and teacher of the Postgraduate in Brief Therapy of Problems of the Systemic Institute of Barcelona (ISBA). Sanitary Recognition of the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
Family therapist accredited by the FEATF and member of the Catalan Society of Family Therapy (SCTF). She has worked as a clinical psychologist since 2002 in private practice and works with families at risk of social exclusion working in a network with different public organizations.